Saturday, July 5, 2014

How to paint tanks tracks

This is very easy way paint tracks.  It includes five steps. 
Which only the finalization must be accurate

Click image to get large version.

 I use only four product to need  paint tracks 
and not need airbrush.  

1. I paint tracks with pure black. 

2. Next step is painting tracks whit iron color. I love to us Citedel ironbreaker.
i use ironbreaker those parts that touch the ground  and to those parts which will wear .

3 . apply dark red ocre pigments with a soft brush (hither and thither).
 I apple pigments dry.. not use with water

4. Then i use AK's track wash. I not apply it all place. Only those parts that do not touch the ground

5. last steps is dry brushing with iron to get details.

I hope at you like to tips!


  1. Where do you buy these products, online or...?

    1. i bought some web strore and some local store. But all available in webs.
      citadel ironbreaker :
      Pigments :
      track wash :

  2. For the record, if you are applying ochre and iron color to look like metal, or mud that matches the ground color, ok. But if it is a German tank, you probably want to avoid anything that looks like rust - rust on tank treads was a court marshal offense.

    1. Are you serious? Rust on tracks was a court martial... now i know they had some draconian discipline but I never heard of that in 50 years of WW2 I know a guy on Greatest Tank battles said, they were not allowed to get out of a knocked out Panther tank in battle - unless it was ON FIRE. Only then could you get out of the tank. My guess would be the crew was expected to provide whatever covering fire they could while in the tank, thus the regulation? But that was the rule - in that guy's unit anyway.