Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Workshop MiniArt Models

I send my W.I.P photo to MiniArt models  facebook page. They ask if i can take few more photos on my workshop. This is not ready work. inside i must make few painting job and tree gas bottles  and working lamps. Outside still need lot of work.

but here  is photos what i send to MiniArt models.

Other parts Workshop 

  1. Workshop : plan 
  2. Workshop : cement floor
  3. Workshop : details part one
  4. Workshop : Making roof and ceiling


  1. GAZ-AAA motor
  2. GAZ-AAA tires
  3. GAZ-AAA chassis
  4. GAZ-AAA ready

Scale model

Product name:GAZ-AAA Mod. 1940 Cargo Truck
Product number:35136
Type:Full kit
Released:2012 | Rebox
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Workshop : Making roof and ceiling


Roof is made by cardboard and painted in  AK- True Metal Paints. Some red pigment are use to make rust effects. Roof need still finalizing, and yet something paint and weathering. But base color look now good.

between the ceiling and the roof will be hay/straw. Hay and straw were used as insulation before.grasses are made of imitation fur fabric


Ceiling are made from wooden sticks. wood sticks are glued together, and then with a knife engraved sections of the board and nail marks.

Other parts Workshop 

MIG-27 Flogger D by Angel Martinez

One more Angel Martinez work.  This work win Highly Commended award  in The Aviation Museum of Central Finland  scale model show.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Curtiss hawk 81 by Angel Martinez

 Angel Martinez is very skilled scale modeler.  This work win bronze  in The Aviation Museum of Central Finland  scale model show.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Abandoned temple : part I

Workshop not ready yet, but i must begin new main project. I always love try build nature as mottitalkoot etc..abandoned temple I have long thought, that I build a landscape diorama,  

The plan is this: a small stone staircase and a path leads to the mountain hollow. There should also beStone wall, pillars, massive wooden door and some vegetation.
Monks are purely decorative, but give the scale (28mm). I do not know whether this or any figures or it's only landscape. Dwarves might be nice. but sees it as the work progresses.
All this is easy build box  so you can use it as painting.  The best part is, of course, you can only photograph the landscape.

For this I was really thinking about for a long time, but last weekend's studio day received a pace even in this scenario.

Thank you for viewing!

The Aviation Museum of Central Finland

The basic exhibition consists mainly of aircraft, engines and aircrew equipment which has been used by the Finnish Air Force. The equipment of Air Force Signals Museum has its own section. A large collection of scale models gives a wider perspective to the whole field of aviation.

So here reference photos on museum 

Text  http://www.airforcemuseum.fi/