Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to make cement floor.

Cement floor.

This is very easy way to make  cement floor. Basic material is on modelling material, very fine sand and few shade gray paint. 

Spread modelling material over to base.  Then  put  gray paint and sand  on modelling material. 
Next step is mix all together. Use lot water , but put it only with finger.  Sand gives little rough surface, but its fits well on workshop. Maybe sanding dust fit better if need smoother surface.

Photos are not very good hard see different grey shade.

Final step is weathering  cement floor. This depends which  purpose floor will be come.  My floor come to workshop., so its very dirty, Base weathering i use Citadel earthshade. I mix its lot of water because  without  water is too dark.
   last one is detailing floor oil patch etc. and dry brushing it  with light gray if floor is too dark.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Workshop : plan

My latest work is GAZ-AAA truck. Finnish army got  lot of war loot in Continuation War . so I decided to make diorama for it .  There Finnish soldier  maybe repaint it to Finnish color  and repair trucks.. I have made so many dioramas whit nature at its funny try to make something different. I hope at all succeed well.

I think its come something like that. End of text is real SA-photo from workshop.
 The house becomes a little skewed, as allowed by the variation

First step is  immerse some bricks in balsa tree.

 window wall need still more bricks.

 When all bricks is  put , cover all balsa whit modelling mass.   Dip your finger in water, and tap the mass .This will give you beautifully plastered surface
  This is not finalized surface. but you get a little feel what kind of wall should be.

reference the photos from a workshop
All these photos are SA-photos.

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