Thursday, March 10, 2016

Witcher : Part 2 Base ready

Although this is just base to board games figures, I try ad lot of details in this vignette. I try ad lot of details in this vignette. fallen leaves and other debris also put the environment. then the next painting the figures.
I hope at my daughter love it.  I try put all my heart in this work.

Other parts

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Witcher : Part 1

My daughter bought The Witcher board game and asked to paint the figures. We both are fans of the game. Witcher  3 is one of best pc games.  So its very fun  paint these figures.

I also got to play a board game, and I can recommend it. It was quite spectacular.

I also do platform to figures, so that after the game can be put in place.
This is only the initial image dioramas.

Hero's of Witcher.  Figures are very detailed only few mistakes. Ax is crooked and swords bad

Figures are very small . Yarpen is almost ready in this image.

Last father day my daughter draw this card to me. so is my turn paint to my daughter these figures :)

Thank you for viewing!