Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rasputitsa : part 3

Base ready ... hard to make good looking mud, but I succeeded very well. I did not get perfectly results . but I think it's good enough  for this diorama and first attempt. still will put water in tracks  when i set motorcycles in the base. But  next begin to painting bikes and figures.

Thank you for viewing!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Rasputitsa : part 2

Time to test position. I have big base to one bikers so  i must put it two motorbikes. Whit two bikers does not remain an empty space too much. This is my first attempt to try make very vet mud. That's is hard to make. but it look better every time  ....but still need lot of work.

Mud need still lot woe.. some spots looks good.... but.

Thank you for viewing!

Other parts
Rasputitsa : part 1

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rasputitsa : part 1

When i finished  heroquest  diorama . it's time take other side project.  When worksshop paint or clue are drying is good at it is other work what van build. So i build 2 motorbikes and base is very muddy roads. I have only once try make muddy road and its not of best... so i hope at this time better work.

So here its few photos

 Others motorbikes come to the fore-

Making wheels rut

Making footsteps

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Heroquest :ready

Hi to all.

I found few figures on my childhood  and i must paint figures.,. this is fun interim project. Remember old times and try get same feelings what i have when i play it.
Old time we have not computer games .. but we must use imaginations and we have great time with friends 
So... Heroquest .   

Some details.

the bad guys

Thank you for viewing!

and next to back to main project .

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hero quest base.

I found few figures on my childhood  and i must paint and make diorama to the,. I tried to respect the game.Then has to to use your imagination.. there were no computer games .. but had a great time with friends
So... Hero quest base.   Come inside if you dare  ;)

Door and stone wall are made from balsa wood

the background is game board and not painted figure.

upcoming figures..

Thank you for viewing!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Scale models meets comics

I love cel shading style  comics, games , etc. always want to try its possible to make same style scale model. This is my first attempt to make it. Not quite at the best possible models, but  learn many new skill to next work. Maybe some day i make Sly Raccoon figures same style. But here  my brain free work. some times need keep only fun  and not try make  historical facts.
My daughter painted texts

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Workshop : details part one

Dioramas needs always lot details if you wont at it's looking realistic. So i try put  lot  a variety of tools and other stuff . so far  shelf, table and trash can is ready.   Photographs have displayed some parts which not are paint.   
I hope at you like ;)

 ideas is at  mans are making new truck flatbed ....

Thank you for viewing!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kuopio's scale models show 2015

I have not blog long time. Lot of others works. some progress few works , but nothing specials . But happy at few weeks time pressure facilitate and is time again make scale models. Before that ,Kuopio's scale models show 2015 photos.  Few my works get medal.
diorama seriesbest of show
I.  Mottitalkoot 

scifi / fantasyIII  Scale models meets comics
My brain free project... photos coming soon.

I.  Panzer Grenadier


Boris Ivanov

Boris Ivanov

Boris Ivanov

Boris Ivanov

amazing  brewster lot of details 

amazing  brewster lot of details 

amazing  brewster lot of details 

Scratch made by 

Scratch made by 

Scratch made by