Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 build

This year was a good year. I finished many works.
I took a lot of new challenges, some were successful, some not so. But I learned a lot of new technologies which will be useful future

Thank you for the past year to all our readers
Happy new year!

More image BR-86 

And last 2013 build image

Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to make metal wire trees

Armorama site have very good photos how to work whit metal wires
Thas way  i use to. some parts i make little differently. 
All wires are ready.

Then i put whit modelling material same as what i use making rocks
When modelling are dry i make wood tumblers and if  need thin branches

Paint prime. i use spray bottle

Then i put Mininatur's leaf . 
Painting wood. look   How to paint to look like wood tips

Details of wood

Sorry about at don't see final tree yet.  I must order more leaf to this trees.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter 1944 : Base

This base i try make look like very gold and windy. So tree needs lot of snow. I use Sodium bicarbonate  in the form of snow . I painted the branches of glue and then sprinkle Sodium bicarbonate


 wind has accumulated  snow only on one side

 detail of cross

Scale models

Used only two  figures this  set

Product name:BMW R75 with Sidecar
Product number:35016

Thanks to watcing.

Monday, December 1, 2014

winter 1944 : begin

Last weekend i got my hand a couple of stitches, so i must exchange my work until hand is alright
So this small sketch of the future winter vignette

I have not built a long time for any winter dioramas. so its time try get some winter scene.
This form should become and look like very gold and the oppressive atmosphere.

First soldier look too straight so i must cut figure head. 
Soldier's mood seems to immediately gloomy


To get gold look like gold weather, i make scarf to green stuff.

I try make also  own hem to get them frayed,

Base look like this kind . 

There come also little cross

base are made from modelling mass, but still needs to be straightened.

 footsteps detail

Scale models

Used only two  figures this  set

Product name:BMW R75 with Sidecar
Product number:35016

Thanks to watcing.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Panzer Grenadier (1940) : Ready

I think at this is my best figure so far. its fun make figure its nor take half years - years ad diorama. so not my last vignette.  But next work is diorama. 
I gratified almost every thing this work.but name plate i thin at  i must order  new.

it's very hard to take photo in Finland this time of year. almost dark all day. Photos is always over light or too dark. I wish at  Santa Claus will bring me new light system. Then maybe better photos.

i hope at you enjoy!

Scale models