Friday, July 31, 2015

GAZ-AAA : ready

Now is ready, but this is only  first step. GAZ coming in my next diorama.
i try something new in this work... first step is  i paint gaz soviet union color.
Then i make garages diorama where Finnish soldier repaint it to Finnish color  and repair it.

Gaz also included few mistakes but only that's why at  its under work. Truck flatbed is not glued. because  i not sure at need i it. On   of lamps is place only for when takes photos and etc.

But here it is in Soviet Union colors.

I use one my old diorama  when takes photos.

Thank you for viewing!

Scale model

Product name:GAZ-AAA Mod. 1940 Cargo Truck
Product number:35136
Type:Full kit
Released:2012 | Rebox


  1. Very good job on this GAZ AAA, I stay tuned to follow your project for a Finnish captured one. Great idea !