Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Workshop : plan

My latest work is GAZ-AAA truck. Finnish army got  lot of war loot in Continuation War . so I decided to make diorama for it .  There Finnish soldier  maybe repaint it to Finnish color  and repair trucks.. I have made so many dioramas whit nature at its funny try to make something different. I hope at all succeed well.

I think its come something like that. End of text is real SA-photo from workshop.
 The house becomes a little skewed, as allowed by the variation

First step is  immerse some bricks in balsa tree.

 window wall need still more bricks.

 When all bricks is  put , cover all balsa whit modelling mass.   Dip your finger in water, and tap the mass .This will give you beautifully plastered surface
  This is not finalized surface. but you get a little feel what kind of wall should be.

reference the photos from a workshop
All these photos are SA-photos.

Thank you for viewing!


  1. luckily photos epochs allow to develop this work ! good job

    1. Thanks Joseph!
      When make Finnish army diorama is https://sa-kuva.fi/ good site to use. Lot of ww2 photos.