Monday, July 6, 2015

Mottitalkoot : ready


This is the most time-consuming diorama I've ever undertaken. It required almost a year to complete.

I have custom-built most of the components. Only the basic forms of the figures and some little parts are factory-issue.

I recommend exploring the diorama own Web pages. 
There's a background story,old photographs and few more diorama photos.. 

Figures are not glued to the diorama. A professional photographer is to take photographs of this work without figures and background. so figures little different positions in some photographs.

Special thanks to Travis Bird for editing the English text to page

Projects others parts 

  1. Eastern front : Part one
  2. Eastern front : Part two
  3. Eastern front : Part tree front garden plants
  4. Eastern front : upcoming details part one and Changing name ???
  5. Motti  (Stere) : House ready
  6. Motti (Stere) : testing background image 
  7. Mottitalkoot : details part two some progress.
  8. Mottitalkoot :  horse carts, milk wagon and nameplate.

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