Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Next diorama i need   trucks . so here some photos from GAZ-AAA and some other diorama useful photos. Finnish army got lot war loot in Winter War and Continuation War. This is only one exsample  what army  got in Porlamme's pocket.

  • 306 different types of artillery 
  • more than 19 000 field artillery rounds
  • 246 mortars
  • 46 000 launcher rounds
  • 272 machine guns
  • 10 000 rifles
  • 3.4 million rounds of ammunition
  • 55 tanks
  • 673 cars and trucks.
  • 300 tractor
  • 154 000 liters of gasoline
  • 159 000 liters of oil
  • 4500 live horses


Almost all of the photographs are from GAZ-AAA type. but included other type GAZ.

Photographs from the Wartime Photograph Archive can be used by anyone.
When you publish a photograph from the archive, mention "SA-kuva" as the source.

Other tucks

Few's photo a whats ideas I might be use in my next diorama

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