Thursday, July 9, 2015

GAZ-AAA motor

Hi to all!
This is first part of my next  diorama. Motor comes outside and that's why over weathering.
This update also includes a hint how I paint metallic surface. I hope at it some help yours own  works.

In this picture the engine looks the way it really looks. 
It s very hard to get good looking photos . Target is so small. and i am not good photographer.

1. first i  use AK true metal oil color. You get great metallic surface.
This i dry want little the darker surface so i use Wallejo pigment 
i dry brush all over motor.

2. next step is paint  it.. i use ak paint 750. 
i dont bursh it only use Foam rubber like photo. push it all over some  only narrow pars i use brush-

3. final edit is weathering motor.
i dry brush Vallejo pigments where it need..
those parts what rust i use red  and black pigments 

lover parts in motor i use  tamiya light sand. 
here and there i add AK fuel stains and motor oil

Thank you for viewing!

Scale model

Product name:GAZ-AAA Mod. 1940 Cargo Truck
Product number:35136
Type:Full kit
Released:2012 | Rebox

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