Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to paint to look like wood

One guy asked to me how i paint wood. So here is example, how i make wood surfaces e.g. weapons and other wooden surfaces.
I paint half telegraph poles for examples. This is very easy way to paint.

1. First painted the basic color. I use lifecolor paint. Lifecolor has the complete package to paint wood. The paint is very good, because it is very thin does  and not cover at once. Borders become soft

2. Then I paint the stripes in different colors

 and more stripes in different colors
3. Then i paint shadows  shade . Shade is good paint stripes and dots.

4. next points is add Citedal Earthshade.

5. last step is drybrushing  most bright paint

 This is only fast examples.  More care , more look like.

Paint what i use.

I hope at you like this tip.