Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mottitalkoot : horse carts, milk wagon and nameplate.

Finnish-style horse carts

horse carts

I have one horse carts , but its  middle-european style horse carts, so i use only cartwheel and bottom of  carts. Rhe sides of the carts I made of veneer and other parts its wooden stick.  its paint lifecolor wood set.



Name plate its made from little  wooden stick.

 Milk wagon

Milk wagon is made from tin wire and veneer 


Backround History

During the war years 1942-1944 Finnish civilian cut firewood about 3,4 million Cubic metre for, because in Finland have fuel shortage. Some cars use wood gas, industry need woods,, etc
Civilian not got salary for  cut firewood , only they got medal

1 x Stere wood = iron  medal
4 x Sterer wood = silver medal
16 x Stere wood = gold medal
52 x Stere wood = great axe medal

medal is like this 

I have this medal's replica . it becomeson nameplate.

Next coming all figures....

Thank you for watching!

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