Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mottitalkoot : details part two some progress.


At the moment dioramas include  4 x man figures and 2 children. I must found 1-2 women figures.

 This figures face is almost done.... still need some details.


Children faces.

this two are only  base color.  First one hair and beard are made from green stuff.


I must make horse to finnhorse. So must sand all details away. horse collar are used i Finland  so i must chance rein style.Lot of work here too.

That kind horse carts are not used in Finland .. so i must make that too scratch. Only juse wheels and bottom.

Tools and etc..

These tools are currently a work in progress and many more.

Milk churn.

Thanks to watching!


  1. Hola
    Buenas piezas tienes hay
    un saludo

  2. les figurines sont dans une belle posture... Elles sont de quelle marque??
    bonne continuation

    1. I make on blog text to all figures when they are ready.
      figures are many manufacturer production .. tamiya, dragons etc
      I have chance many pose and make hair etc from green stuff.