Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pirates of the Caribbean : plan

This is another project what I start . Its funny make some figure and don't care any the historical facts. Makes good to sometimes do " brain free works".
I'm trying to get the same atmosphere as Pirates of the Caribbean movies but also put it some own.
This is the second commercial work. An acquaintance of mine needs images of this work. I am glad that this time I can keep this figures. Andrea's figures are very stunning. 

This is  my plan to make this figure. I must need modify sail and mast. I make sales underside from greens stuff. I am not sure put it  whit dock or makes it open sea... need think it.

Andrea figures are well made. You can use of capillary phenomenon many place.

 Figure need a lot of sanding

Lot of nice deatails.

All parts.

Andrea miniatures Buccaneer, 1645

i order some MANTIS MINIATURES animals. I want  add some fish  and  birds.

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