Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Omaha beach, Destroyed M3: plan

Next i begin with three different work. First, I present to Omaha beach:  Destroyed M3.

It’s based real photo as Suomussalmi 1941. I started making this scale model in 2012, but never finished it. I am not happy with painting jobs . so is  good make it by  destroyed vehicle.  This is my second try to imitate the photo.  I think at much easier than Suomussalmi, because there will be no any figure, only lonely car. Own challenge to bring the burnt metal. It’s is first  time when I  try that.

I have seen only two poor quality photos.  But it’s makes more freedom to do this diorama.
But if some one know place for better quility photos.please send me link.

Axishistory.com is chat room for that two photos. 

And this is my plan.

Put  stuff what is in photos, dragon's teeth, logs.. etc.

vehicle hood is not open in the original scale models.

Scale models


Product name:M3 75mm Gun Motor Carriage
Product number:6467

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