Friday, July 11, 2014

Suomussalmi 1941 : panzer II: figures modification begin

First i try make all figures same position as photo. That's means lot of work with green stuff and must broken arms, legs and etc. 
Now all figures position is correct .. as what my skill can make.

Lot of work is still with figures. That means lot of curving, sanding  and adding details 

But anyway i think at this pose is better than other side of dios.

machine gun man is not in the right place.. but it needs glue when i put it right place.  and machine gun iis not right  it comes straight such as photograph, 

faces are commercial production, but the hair i made green stuff. I try make all men look like. 

Detail photo for man 1

 detail for man 2

Detail for man 3

Detail for man 4

Suomussalmi 1941 

  1. Suomussalmi 1941 : Part one
  2. Suomussalmi 1941 : Part two DKW NZ 350 ready to paint
  3. Suomussalmi 1941 : Making base
  4. Suomussalmi 1941 : Painting DKW NZ 350
  5. Suomussalmi 1941 : figures modification
  6. Suomussalmi 1941 : Left side ready

Scale models

Productname:Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. C mit Zusatzpanzer

Company: Tamiya
Product name: German Motorcycle Orderly Set
Product number: 35241
Scale: 1:35

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