Sunday, July 27, 2014

Suomussalmi 1941 : panzer II: figures ready.

This work has taken longer than any of the other my works. But it has been rewarding and fun try reproduce photo. I am now nearing completion and all figures are ready.

if you want look how i modification look earlier part 

click image to get large version.

i try always hidden many details.
This photo contains eye candy for women ;)

i hope at  you like and criticism is always welcome

Suomussalmi 1941 

        1. Suomussalmi 1941 : Part one
        2. Suomussalmi 1941 : Part two DKW NZ 350 ready to paint
        3. Suomussalmi 1941 : Making base
        4. Suomussalmi 1941 : Painting DKW NZ 350
        5. Suomussalmi 1941 : figures modification
        6. Suomussalmi 1941 : Left side ready
        7. Suomussalmi 1941 : panzer II: figures modification begin

        Scale models

        Productname:Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. C mit Zusatzpanzer

        Company: Tamiya
        Product name: German Motorcycle Orderly Set

        and many others figures

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