Monday, June 30, 2014

Assault part tree : Final

I have not had time for a long time to build models, Home renovation has taken time for hobbies, but now i have new kitchen and living room ... so back  to the important  work :)
This is my old work, which  i haven't never finalises.  Many of my  building techniques are now much better and some part looks almost ugly. but finally I got put in the lights and some other parts.

Some of the photographs have been photographed dioramas own lights. so so they have little dark.
Diorama comes dark h
allway giving night light. that's why photos give a better image than it is on display.

Click image to get large version

Photos whit diorama's light!

bayonet and Finnish coin  (1939)

without own light

Others parts.


  1. Assault part one : making base
  2. Assault part two : adding details

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