Sunday, May 11, 2014

Suomussalmi 1941 : Left side ready

This is my first time to make something what based on photos and never sculpting/ modify. 
I learned a lot, but the next job while trying to make better.
just all does not satisfy me. 

 I try add lot of little details. because it makes the environment more realistic look

  • Cleaning weapons
  • shovel
  • helmets, water bottle, sleeping pad. maps case
  • Detailed rifle 
  • blueberries, binoculars
  • Added rifle sling etc...

 Click image to if see face better

 One mistake i must correct.  one of figures had rifle badly.

 I think at left side diorama is good enough

Last part is right side... Coming next.

Suomussalmi 1941 

  1. Suomussalmi 1941 : Part one
  2. Suomussalmi 1941 : Part two DKW NZ 350 ready to paint
  3. Suomussalmi 1941 : Making base
  4. Suomussalmi 1941 : Painting DKW NZ 350
  5. Suomussalmi 1941 : figures modification

Scale models

Productname:Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. C mit Zusatzpanzer

Company: Tamiya
Product name: German Motorcycle Orderly Set
Product number: 35241
Scale: 1:35

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