Sunday, February 2, 2014

Suomussalmi 1941 : Part one

These photos are a reference to the next diorama. German soldiers are the maintenance work.
I have to be flexible realism. Tank model is not quite right.
Photos seems to be a model Ausf f and I have  Ausf c scale model.. 
So sorry for a little mistake.

 @SA-kuva Suomussalmi, Kuivajärvi 1941.06.27
This image its very nice and mybe best use diorama. 
But what is that a motorcycle.? If someone recognizes please leave a comment

 @SA-kuva Suomussalmi, Kuivajärvi 1941.06.27

 @SA-kuva Suomussalmi, Kuivajärvi 1941.06.27
This is not Panzer II but same place, same time.

This is very detailed tanks. lot of parts.

This is detail photo upper image. Rubber seems very used.  i have build  lover part  before seen image, so must build  a little bit differently.
1. These they need to make much used. Especially rubber parts
2. The springs are terrible. not even the details of the plates. At first I thought I covered them with mud. But the photo does not show much mud. So they need to be carve.

 inside part are very detailed

Productname:Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. C mit Zusatzpanzer

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