Thursday, February 6, 2014

BR-86 Part seventh: Building base

Finaly  I was able to build all diorama part together. I put the  the old board to base.

 Curved wood brings a little bit of softness diarama.

 i mix glue with black paint. so bottom does not shine and sands get little base color.

 Then add a sand and a few rocks.

 Color what i used.
As you can see. all three are painted here and there. Citedal paints directly from out of the bottle. 
The black paint was mixed with water (50%, 50%)
Citadel Technical: Agrellan Earth is fantastic whit dry effect.

 Varnish was add wooden base.
Some plants .

 I think at i can get nice photo with train


Some place are very dry :D

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Company:Hobby Boss
Product name:German Dampflokomotive BR 86
Product number:82914

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