Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sikorsky Ilja Muromets

 Sikorsky Ilja Muromets by Boris Ivanov.

My good friend Boris Ivanov from Vyborg comes every year  to Kuopio. He is a very skilled scale models builder. Especially when he is doing airplanes. Here is his "Ilya Muromets". 1:72. See and be inspired

From Wikipedia,:
The Sikorsky Ilya Muromets were a class of Russian pre-World War I large four-engine commercial airliners and military heavy bombers used during World War I by the Russian Empire.[1] The aircraft series was named after Ilya Muromets, a hero from Slavic mythology.[2] The series was based on the Russky Vityaz or Le Grand, the world's first four-engined aircraft, designed by Igor Sikorsky.[3] The Ilya Muromets aircraft as it appeared in 1913 was a revolutionary design, intended for commercial service with its spacious fuselage incorporating a passenger saloon and washroom on board.[4] During World War I, it became the first four-engine bomber to equip a dedicated strategic bombing unit.[5] This heavy bomber was unrivaled in the early stages of the war, as the Central Powers had no aircraft capable enough to rival it until much later.[6] The Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI of 1916-17 was the only example of any of the Imperial German Riesenflugzeug airframe designs to be produced in any quantity during World War I.

Thanks from viewing!


  1. This model is awesome, fantastic details...

  2. I could't imagine so many details
    in such a small model!!Terrific job!!!

  3. Bravo , ce modèle est très bien détailler et très réaliste
    Bravo, this model is very well detailed and very realistic

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    miniature cars

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