Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to make wood shingle roof and paint it.

How to make wood shingle roof and paint it.

I make  Wood shingle  from paperboard.  This is not fast way but roof  looking good and very detailed.
Cut slices of paperboard and make  Wood shingle.  All parts not need be same size.  Old time  wood shingle self-made, and were not exactly the same size.  This will facilitate a little bit of your work.
Then i use  universal glue to draw the shingles.  If you make old roof  as i do this job . its not necessary to use a ruler.  You can attach the shingles handheld .  Old wood shingle move little. but if make new wood shingle roof its better use ruler.

Next it’s time to paint roof.  I use neutral grey.

 Next step is add Citadel earthshade. thats give nice shadows .

Final  step is drybrushing  roof  whit lifecolor weathered wood set.   This two color  UA717 AND ua718 give very nice color . Wood shingle  looks like dry and old wood.  I love to use lifecolor  paint. Paint does not make  cover the trace so yuo  can paint very detailed roof.


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