Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eastern front : upcoming details part one and Changing name ???

Its time to  change plan. Trucks. etc still same but story of dioramas is little different.

During the war years 1942-1944 Finnish civilian cut firewood about 3,4 million Cubic metre for, because in Finland have fuel shortage. Some cars use wood gas, industry need woods,, etc
Civilian not got salary for  cut firewood , only they got medal

1 x Stere wood = iron  medal
4 x Sterer wood = silver medal
16 x Stere wood = gold medal
52 x Stere wood = great axe medal

medal is like this

I have this medal's replica . it becomeson nameplate.

Diorama becomes  lot of old agricultural tools and Forestry tools. Almost everything has to make scratch.

These tools are currently a work in progress and many more.
and there are lot others details work in progress, wooden barrel, milk churn, milk cart, basket shovel etc.

I think at this way its much better than  older plan. Now i can tell also part of history which based true story. I like lot when i last time try to make diorama which one based photo (Suomussalmi 1941)

Now name is open... it maybe hardest part this diorama.
New plan is about like this.

 WIP details part one
 Bark spud (tool)

Harrow (tool)  Risukarhi

milk cart

Thanks to watching!

Scale models

So far include 

Product name:GAZ-AAA Mod. 1940 Cargo Truck
Product number:35136

Product name:Livestock Set
Product number:35128


  1. Niijoo, sehän oli RAUTAkirves, eikä pronssinen, kuten väärin muistin dA:n puolella. Miten aina tulee mieleen, että "kolmas tila" on automaattisesti pronssia. Höh. :D

    Kävin tässä just Kansallismuseossa ja siellä oli myös karhi näytteillä. Hurja vehje!

    1. Aina ei voi muistaa... mutta eihän toi kauhea moka ollut :)

      Upeita nuo vanhat esineet!

  2. Bravo pour cette recherche historique.. c'est ce qui fait un beau diorama

    1. thanks. It's more intresting if you can add part history.