Monday, December 1, 2014

winter 1944 : begin

Last weekend i got my hand a couple of stitches, so i must exchange my work until hand is alright
So this small sketch of the future winter vignette

I have not built a long time for any winter dioramas. so its time try get some winter scene.
This form should become and look like very gold and the oppressive atmosphere.

First soldier look too straight so i must cut figure head. 
Soldier's mood seems to immediately gloomy


To get gold look like gold weather, i make scarf to green stuff.

I try make also  own hem to get them frayed,

Base look like this kind . 

There come also little cross

base are made from modelling mass, but still needs to be straightened.

 footsteps detail

Scale models

Used only two  figures this  set

Product name:BMW R75 with Sidecar
Product number:35016

Thanks to watcing.