Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pirates of the Caribbean : Animals

MANTIS MINIATURES animals are made from Synthetic resin and very easily break. Some are already broken, but its challenging try fix them. That kind animals I managed to do.

 Gull one. 
Birds comes whitout feet , so i mede new one from wire.

 Rat one:
When i extractor the rat. its tail broken. I must make new one whit greens stuff.
Its very hard to make eye on this scale.

 Rat two.
Also broken tail. This tail i must glued straight to final version

Gull two
a bird's beak is already broken. New beak from green stuff.
This gull is flying positon ..will provide a challenge to add it on diorama

and little teaser for others parts.

Scale models

Andrea miniatures Buccaneer, 1645


Others parts

Pirates of the Caribbean 

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean : plan

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  1. Nice fix ups. Challenges such as those help make the models your own, so in a way, they're good to have, yet obviously no one truly wants something they paid for to come broken.

    I look forward to seeing the Diorama.