Sunday, April 27, 2014

Making palm tree leaves

This is my first time to try make palm tree leaves.  
Next  tree i made some parts differently..
i spread the glue more evenly, then its better cut leaves better looking.
Only what you need is glue, feathers  and  Dracaena marginata plants
First  i mix wooden glue 50 %  and  water 50%

Apply feathers 

  glue allows put  feathers as palm leaf shape.

When glue is dry you can cut with scissors final shape

i spray base color

i use white pigments and light green to make final leaves colors. 
I use Dracaena marginata to make palm tree trunk. I thin at its look very realistic.
Link Dracaena marginata plants. 

Then you need only glue leaves to tree.

 i am out of feathers... must order more.
only one side have leaves.

Its nor perfect but i hope at you got some idea you own work.
and i think at my next tree is much better than this.


  1. great idea - I will definetely use it for my Mishima Samurays - the only pronlem is that I dont want to use plant trunk, but I think Stripes of toilet paper around tune with wires in should look convincing,

    1. Toilets paper and wires is very good for trunk. But this time aim lucky at my wife kill that plants and i can use it.

  2. Hola
    Que bueno,gran idea
    GRACIAS por compartirlo

  3. wow that is neat...
    can i use any feathers or do they have to be white?

    1. I thinks at no matter to color. You paint it anyway.

  4. this is a very good idea, he was thinking .... the only downside to invest in the plant! hihihihi

    1. :). Tips is only leaves. Some must try make other ways that tree.