Sunday, March 30, 2014

Suomussalmi 1941 : Part tree. Making base

wood sanding 
Then paint edges Mig wood ageing solution and last  varnish base.
i use this time model scene's  Forest Base Blueberries products.

Finnish wood is never flat. I foam piece under to Forest Base 

I cut  forest base open and pit rocks around base

I steal my wife potting soil to make road and put the roots around woods.

All rocks and roots are paint citedal earth shade. 

 Positon test. 

 scale test...
country need maybe more trash (branches and leaves). but i add then when all figures and panzer II and motorbikes are in place.

Click image get large version.

Suomussalmi 1941 

  1. Suomussalmi 1941 : Part one
  2. Suomussalmi 1941 : Part two DKW NZ 350 ready to paint

Scale models

Productname:Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. C mit Zusatzpanzer

Company: Tamiya
Product name: German Motorcycle Orderly Set
Product number: 35241
Scale: 1:35

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